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Under the Zero Tolerance policy of State Govt. against corruption, kindly note down the following telephone numbers and addresses to report such incidences:


To report any type of corruption matters -

Concerned Officer/Name of Office:

Additional Secretary, Vigilance Dept., Bihar, Soochana Bhawan, Bailey Road, Patna.

Phone - (0612)-2231343 (Office)

To report corruption in Police/Administration/Govt. Departments -

Additional Director General, Vigilance (Investigation) Bureau, 6 Circular Road, Patna, Bihar.

Phone - 87976-20222, 94308-89053, 89865-53239 (Mobile)

To report serious cases of corruption -

Inspector General, Special (Vigilance) Unit, 5-Daroga Rai Path, Patna.

Phone - 94318-00133, 94318-00134, 94318-00135 (Mobile)

To submit complaints about Technical Matters and Construction Works -

Engineer-in-Chief, Technical Investigation Cell, Barrack No. 3, Main Secretariat, Patna.

Phone - 94316-02306, 85444-19002, 85444-19003 (Mobile)