Anti-Corruption Measures



The Department has achieved positive result of the wide scale circulation of Mobile Numbers of Principal Secretary, ADG, TEC, and the S.V.U.. The graph below shows the growing graph of achievements in trap related cases:

More than two hundred Govt. servants while taking bribe money have been trapped. The officials caught in the trap cases include Civil Surgeons, Executive Engineers, BDO, BEEO, BAO and various small field level staff. Principal of an agriculture college, also figure among trap accused. Many Officers of the police department have also been nabbed. Deputy Director, Fisheries, Asst. labour commissioner, Jail Superintendent, Managers of Rural Banks, DCO, District sub Registrar, Distt. T.B. Officer, DSO, Godown Manager have also come under trapnet of Vigilance Department. It goes onto show how the department is keen to amend the behavior of corrupt Govt. Servants with its stringent actions.


Under the Disproportionate asset case, wealth to the tune of Rupees 8 crores have been identified and trial is going on against D.M., Madhepura, Jail superintendent, Sitamarhi, C.O., Bhagalpur and Officer incharge, Bochaha, Mujafferpur. The then PA of ex Chairman, BPSC, Sub inspector, Mobile, DFO, Bhabhua, Executive Engineer(Building), Dharbhanga, Executive Engineer, N.H., Saran and Assistant Commissioner, Commercial taxes, Bhojpur are also facing similar charges.


Outcome of Important Raids:


On 24.10.07 Executive Engineer, Bridge Construction Corporation was nabbed while taking bribe. In course of raid fourteen passbooks with deposit of Rupees eighteen lacs were found. He had invested over Sixty two lacs rupees in different shares of the Companies.


On 30.09.07 a regional Director of Education, Purnea was nabbed while accepting a bribe of rupees 28000. During raids conducted among his immovable properties like - a building at Patna, two building at Gopalganj, one market complex, schools building, a Cinema House and different plots of land were found at different places. Many bank passbooks were also recovered.


On 02.08.07 officer incharge of Bochha Police station of Mujaffarpur district was caught red handed. In raid conducted at his premises, cash amount of Rs. One lacs sixty thousand, papers related to deposit of Rs. two lacs forty thousand as premium, a building at a Jamsedpur, a plot of land at Mujaffarpur was detected.


On 04.06.07 an Executive Engineer of N.H., Chapra Division was nabbed while taking bribe. In raids Rs. 92 thousand Rupees cash, Rs. Seven lacs n two of his lockers, Rs. ten lacs in fixed deposit, Rs. Six lacs in different passbooks, four plots of land at Patna, two residential plots were recovered as his disproportionate asset.


On 31.03.07 Assistant Commissioner, Commercial taxes was nabbed while accepting bribe. In course of raid at his premises Rupees 18.01 lacs in cash, Seven hundred twenty seven grams of gold, huge fixed deposit, deposit in share, a building at Patna, one plot of land each at Patna and Noida, one more plot in the name of his wife were recovered.


On 17.03.07 an Executive Engineer of Building Construction Department was caught while accepting bribe. In course of raid a cash to the tune of Rs. 1 1.35 lacs and proof of investment of lacs of Rupees were found. On 23.02.07 D.F.O., Bhagalpur was arrested while taking bribes. In course of raid, Rs. 16 lacs in cash, papers of investment of Rs. One crore was recovered.


A record number of corruption cases have been instituted and in several pending cases investigation got completed and final chargesheet have been filed. Previous records show that only 25 to 30 cases were instituted annually. But in 2006 alone, 103 cases were instituted in 2007, 133 cases were instituted, and in 2008 (upto 16.03.08) 16 cases have been instituted.


The comparative chart showing institution of cases is being shown below:


Investigation of Corruption Cases:


Previous records show that hardly 15 cases were being investigated annually whereas in 2006 alone 99 cases (including supplementary investigation in 14 cases) were investigated. In 2007 a special drive was launched and altogather 277 cases (including supplementary investigation) got completed. As a result of this special drive for completion of investigation, 396 Gazetted Officers, 332 non-gazetted Govt. Servants, 215 non-govt. servant, total 43 persons were chargesheeted. In the current year 2008 (upto 06.03.08) chargesheets were submitted in 13 cases (inclusive of supplementary) cases.


Some Important steps:

  1. Newly constituted special court for speedy trial of trap cases has started functioning. Entire state of Bihar in the jurisdiction for this special court.
  2. Apart from regional offices of Bureau at Muzaffarpur/ Bhagalpur its offices at siwan and saharsa have started functioning.
  3. The department is inviting opinion of the general masses regarding the steps already taken by the department for eradication of corruption in a form namely "Assessment of level of satisfaction on Government department working".
  4. The District Magistrates have been empowered to constitute a team of officials to nab Govt. employees taking bribe.
  5. Regarding long pending sanction of prosecution the Govt. has decided to scrutinize these on priority basis and take final decision in each case.
  6. The Government has facilitated that the money of the complaint seized at the time of trap, be reimbursed after filing of the case. The money lying idle as seizure is to be deposited in treasury after it is sealed by court of law. This has given impetus to the complainant.
  7. Previously there was provision for Vigilance inquiry only on the basis of complaint filed by a petitioner. But during the present regime, the Govt. has resolved that a maximum schemes having a budgetary provision of more than one crore of rupees are to be examined by the officers of the T.E.C. provides for timely action for redressal of the technical faults at the time of execution. Similarly, if there is large scale malpractices, the guilty officers and contractors are asked to explain the faults and suitable action, it needed, is recommended in time.

Following Schemes were inspected in 2007 and huge discrepancies were found :-

  1. In the campus of Magadh University, Bohd Gaya, OBC Hostel for 100 students was not being built up as per specification of the estimate.
  2. In the Gaya districts, Road from Bela to to Belhara was inspected by the time. It was found that excess payment was made for it. And the works carried out were bad in quality.
  3. Large scale irregularities were detected in the schemes of MRDA, Mujaffarpur. For lapses the responsible officers are facing criminal case.

Actions on the basis of secret Information:


The Government had receive message from different corners that the name of the complaint should not be made public, because, it attracts enmity for the complainant. That is why, the Govt. has reached upon a decision that on the basis of secret information, Vigilance enquiries would be initiated.


On the basis of such secret information, enquiry regarding conduct of examination of Bihar Sanskrit Siksha Board, 2007, it was found that large scale irregularities took place in it. The persons involved in this racket are facing criminal cases.


Special Vigilance Unit:


As told earlier, in the year 2006, the Govt. took decision to establish a Special Vigilance Unit. The basic object of setting up such agencies was to check corruption at high level Govt. functionaries. Following are its achievements:

  1. On 06.02.2007 D/A case No. 001.07 was filed against Sri Narayan Mishra, D.G., Homeguards and Fire Brigade, Bihar.
  2. On 03.07.07 D/A case No. 002/07 was filed against Sri S.S. Verma, (I.A.S.) Secretary, Minor Irrigation Department. In course of raid in his residential premises, case to the tune of 16.5 lacs, 9.5 kg. gold ornaments, ginnies etc were recovered.
  3. On 11.10.07, D/A case No. 003/07 was lodged against Sri Yogendra Kumar, State Drug Controller, Bihar. Movable property worth Rupees 78 lacs were found. Buildings in Patna, Varanasi and two shops in commercial complexes were detected.
  4. On 23.01.2008, D/A case No. 004/08 was lodged against Sri Awadhesh Prasad Singh, Chief Engineer, North (Nal-Kup). In course of Raid 48.93 lacs in cash, 334 U.S. Dollars, etc. , three valuable immovable properties in possession of Sri Singh, also figured in the seizure list.
  5. A case of Disproportionate assets against on Mr. D.N. Chaudhary, Director, Rajbhasa, was also instituted in 2008. Huge unaccounted movable and immovable properties were detected in course of raid.