Complaint Redressal


Procedure regarding filing of complaints for redressal of grievances and the procedure of enquiry is being shown in the diagram above.


Public representatives and people in general are free to approach the department or its agencies i.e. Investigation Bureau, Special Vigilance Unit, Technical Examiner's Cell, Electricity Vigilance Board for redressal of their grievances either by meeting the high officials or by sending their complaint petition. Petitions received in the "Janata ke darbar mein mukhaymantri", or any complaint Received Hon'ble Chief Minister's level related to Vigilance Department, are being enquired regularly. Many complaints related to administrative lapses are sent to respective administrative department and in some cases district Magistrate/ Superintendent of Police and in some important cases the Divisional Commissioners are entrusted to enquire and report. After such enquiry reports are received, it is thoroughly examined in the department and on the basis of material available in the enquiry report, the department sends it for suitable action to administrative department. The department effectively monitors the action taken report of the administrative department in such important matters.


The petitions received at the level of Vigilance Department, containing serious charges of corruption and amassing of disproportionate asset by a Govt. Servant are examined at the secretariat level. Confirmation of the complaint petition is sought for from the complainant. On the basis of oath paper submitted by the complaintant and the substances put forth in complaint with relevant evidence, the department assigns it for enquiry to any of its four agencies as named aforesaid.


Principal Secretary, Vigilance Department has same kind of control over other the departments of the Government regarding matters related to Vigilance, as Development Commissioner has for monitoring and implementation of development schemes for various development departments or the Finance Commissioner has regarding financial matters of various administrative departments. Administrative departments are empowered for follow of disciplinary actions or for institution of criminal case against the erring Govt. employees as per recommendation of the Vigilance Department. The administrative departments have the jurisdiction of sanctioning of prosecution over the prosecuted employees.